Stay Warm With Indoor Sports Activities and Games

Indoor Sports Activities and Games: Swimming Lessons

Just because you can’t always send the kids outside this time of year doesn’t mean they can’t stay active. There are plenty of places that offer indoor sports activities and games. Here’s three great options to help keep kids moving this winter.

Recreation Centers

Many towns and cities have a local recreation center, YMCA, or community center that offers great indoor facilities at reasonable rates. You may be able to buy a day pass or a multi-visit punch card. Inside, there’s tons of cool indoor sports activities. Your local center might have turf fields, open gym time, climbing walls, playgrounds, ice or inline skating rinks, or an indoor pool.

Rec sports leagues, lessons, and classes can also be a smart, low-investment way for kids to explore activities all year long. Ask at the front desk about how to register.

Indoor Sports Activities and Games: Climbing Wall

Sports Complexes

Private sports complexes can cost more than rec centers, but they often include even more indoor sports activities. You might find inflatables, video and virtual reality games, laser tag, and batting cages. Again, check on day passes and punch cards.

Another difference between rec centers and sports complexes can be availability of food and beverages. Most sports complexes offer a snack bar, and many prohibit bringing in your own food or drinks. Check before you head out; you may want to eat first, and then have snacks ready in the car for the trip home.

Indoor Sports Activities and Games: Ball Pit

Indoor Trampoline Parks

Facilities like SkyZone, Urban Air, and Jumpstreet are super popular with both kids and parents. They feature much more than endless bouncing: foam pits, dodgeball, and trampoline-assisted basketball slam dunks. From toddlers to teens, kids love these trampoline parks. Plus, they don’t even realize they’re wearing themselves out.

Be forewarned: Trampoline parks are pricey. One hour of jump time plus special jump socks can run you $20 per kid. (Hang onto those socks for next time.) And like sports complexes, there’s probably a snack bar on site and a ban on outside food and drinks.

Check the International Association of Trampoline Parks website to find a trampoline park near you. No luck? Hang in there. We bet there will be one coming soon.

Julie Marsh
Julie is a triathlete and a health-conscious mom of three.

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