10 Sugar Free Kids Valentine Crafts

10 Sugar Free Kids Valentine Crafts

We love how Valentine’s Day has evolved to be about more than roses and chocolate. It’s a great time to celebrate love and kindness with friends and family. It’s also a fun opportunity for kids to get crafty. We found ten kids Valentine crafts that look sweet and easy, and not a single one of them involves sugar.

10 Sugar Free Kids Valentine Crafts: Conversation Heart Decorations

This project from Dana Made It is so quick and simple, and yet so much fun. We love the idea of writing down all of our family’s sweet nothings and inside jokes on pastel conversation hearts. Try making personal hearts for each family member and taping them to bedroom doors. Such an easy way to decorate and show love for each other.

10 Sugar Free Kids Valentine Crafts: Valentine Heart Trees

If your kids were sad about taking down the Christmas tree, check out the Valentine heart trees from Ruffles and Truffles. They’re a piece of cake to make. You can use scrapbook paper or cardstock, or try felt or foam shapes. Or mix up all three different textures — there’s no rules. Put them away after Valentine’s Day to save them for next year, or use them to decorate kids’ rooms year round.

10 Sugar Free Kids Valentine Crafts: Valentine's Day placemats

Planning a special meal for that night? The kids can contribute by making Valentine’s Day placemats using the instructions from Fancy Frugal Life. They look more complicated than they really are. Lina used hot glue on hers, but you could get away with Elmer’s school glue or glue sticks. Pro tip: If you want the meal to be extra-pleasant, make a dish everyone loves.

10 Sugar Free Kids Valentine Crafts: Tic Tac Toe Hearts

We just love these Valentine Tic Tac Toe Hearts on Alpha Mom. It’s a great older sibling-younger sibling activity — both for making and playing. If you’ve got a tween who’s been dying to try the sewing machine, this could be a good chance. Or use a needle and thread or a glue gun. The younger sibling can cut out the hearts, then fill them with beans. No guarantees on how long or how nicely they will play together.

10 Sugar Free Kids Valentine Crafts: Valentine Marbled Salt Dough

Another fun project to work on together would be this Valentine Marbled Salt Dough from Twodaloo. Remember how we always tell the kids not to mix the colors? This time they’re supposed to mix them! We love the use of powdered tempera paint to tint the dough, and the colors are fantastic. Get out the heart-shaped cookie cutters, the letter stamps, or just mold the dough any way you like. These could be fun to hang from bare branches to brighten up the outdoors.

10 Sugar Free Kids Valentine Crafts: Birdseed hearts

Don’t put away those cookie cutters yet. We’ll need them for these birdseed hearts that we found on Made with HAPPY. Grab some plain gelatin packets and a bag of birdseed. (We hear the birds prefer the smaller seeds.) We love how cheery they look with a loop of baker’s twine, and the birds will be grateful for a snack. Kids can either give these away to their classmates or keep them to hang up in the yard, depending on how many you make.

10 Sugar Free Kids Valentine Crafts: Long distance hugs

Need to send a heartfelt Valentine to someone far away? We adore these long distance hugs from The Party Event. These kids Valentine crafts are super easy to make, require materials you probably already have, and grandparents will absolutely love them. They’d even make a cute Valentine favor to pass out at school. Plus kids can practice their fine motor skills by cutting out their hand tracings.

10 Sugar Free Kids Valentine Crafts: Heart-sewn Valentines

Kids can get some more fine motor skill work with these heart-sewn Valentines from Real Simple. We love all the creative possibilities — there’s no set way to connect the dots. Plus you can use fun patterned scrapbook paper or plain cardstock. Check out the yarn and needles available at your craft store. This project could be really fun with sparkly metallic or bright nubby yarn.

This post on Danielle’s Place has a ton of kids Valentine crafts, but it’s the folding craft stick Valentine that we really love. Younger kids may need a little help lining up the sticks and applying the masking tape. But they will get a kick out of drawing a picture, writing a Valentine message, and then folding it up into a neat little package. The project is really simple, but watch Danielle’s video to get all the details.

10 Sugar Free Kids Valentine Crafts: Heartbreaker Valentines

These heartbreaker Valentines from Dana Made It call for candy, but we think a couple sticks of sugarless gum would do fine too. We especially like them for boys, who sometimes think all the hearts and lace can get a little mushy. Instead, these favors encourage destruction in order to get to the good stuff inside. Go on, be a heartbreaker.

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